Speciality Accessories

If a PSERN user agency requires specialty accessories, it is their responsibility to ensure those accessories are compatible with the PSERN radios. Specialty accessories refers to any accessory not included in the standard PSERN radio configurations and can be supplied by Motorola or a third-party supplier.

Specialty accessories may include items such as portable radio interface adapters between headset and radio, earpiece headsets, SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) with radio function, over-ear headsets for hands-free movement, specialty vehicle antennas, or consolette desksets.

If agencies require specialty accessories, they should take the following steps:

  • Ensure Accessory Compatibility – Agencies should identify all radios and users that require specialty accessories and inquire with the accessory manufacturer or their local radio shop if those accessories are compatible with the PSERN radio model they have or are purchasing. For example, if a headset is used with a radio, they will need to determine if that headset is compatible with their PSERN radios.
  • Purchase Specialty Accessories – If an agency requires a specialty accessory for operations, the agency needs to purchase those accessories directly. PSERN recommends that agencies use Motorola certified accessories . Third-party accessories are supported, but may require additional testing, verification and configuration to ensure compatibility with PSERN radios. PSERN has no control over accessory lead times, so it is important that accessory requirements and test are identified well in advance of the date required.
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