DAS Properties

All public safety DAS operating in King County need PSERN approval. Properties that obtain approval must then maintain them in working order to meet both the fire code and radio frequency usage legal requirements. Public safety DAS operations are performed at the property’s expense and may involve the following four main responsibilities:

Hiring a DAS Vendor

Unless a property has its own qualified staff as defined by the fire code, it will need to hire a DAS vendor to implement and maintain PSERN.

Recommended criteria for selecting DAS vendors as well as a list of vendors can be found here.

Obtaining approval from PSERN

PSERN reviews and grants approval at two stages of DAS implementation, 1. Design and 2. Uplink Validation.

Design approval is required for new construction as well as retrofits.

Uplink validation is required before a DAS is activated for normal operation. Any property still operating their DAS with a legacy radio network configuration, or using PSERN service without approval is in conflict with federal regulation and needs to disable their equipment immediately. The property can then work with a DAS vendor to obtain PSERN approval.

DAS vendors can request approval at the PSERN service management portal.

Maintain DAS to Prevent Interference with PSERN

Properties must maintain their DAS to prevent interference with PSERN. If a property’s public safety DAS, is found to be causing interference with PSERN and thus first responders’ emergency radio communications, the property will be notified to disable their DAS immediately and take steps to become compliant.

Notify PSERN of changes

The approval to operate DAS granted by PSERN is revoked once changes have been made to the RF environment of the building. These changes can be either changes to the DAS, or changes to the building itself, such as a tenant improvement. Properties with DAS undergoing changes should work with their DAS vendor to renew approval with PSERN.


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