*PSERN Announcements*

  • New PSERN Operator Section: This section provides Operator information & Board materials.
  • Coverage Testing: Find information here about upcoming PSERN coverage testing when blue vans will be driving slowly throughout King County roads to assess the new radio system.
  • DAS Contact Collection: To ensure properties with DAS receive needed information about the DAS transition, the Project is currently reaching out to confirm property contact information.

Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN)

The Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) is a voter-approved effort to upgrade and expand the current King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS). PSERN will be a Simulcast 800MHz trunked radio system, utilizing P25 Phase II technology throughout the service area. It will also incorporate limited conventional VHF and UHF interoperability capabilities, primarily in the mountains. The network will primarily serve fire fighters, law enforcement, and other emergency response efforts throughout King County. The PSERN Project (Project) is leading the new emergency radio communications system development and when complete, a new, nonprofit entity, the PSERN Operator, will operate the system.