One Site Down……51 more to go!

Hey Peeps! Fire Fighter Mic here! Hope you all are staying safe and dry in this stormy weather! Its been a minute since you heard from me and the gang but trust me we have been super busy working on sites! What? Did you think a little rain would stop us? No way! Last week we…


Sparky Speaks! Blog Takevover

Now that I’ve settled into the Project, I feel its time for you to get to know a little more about me. Shhh….FF Mike doesn’t know I am using his blog! Anyway, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself scratching your head at some of the “geek speak” you are about to witness. It will…


PSERN Welcomes Sparky the IT Guy

Hi Peeps! Mic here!  I know its been a while but as you can imagine we are extremely busy working on the project! Officer Squelch and I have been helping the team review Motorola Deliverables (so many to review!), working on Invitations to Bid for potential contractors and working on Outreach strategies with our Communications…


PSERN Used by More Than Just First Responders

Hey Peeps! Happy Friday!  It’s me Firefighter Mic again. Officer Squelch and I have been busy with strategic planning for our outreach efforts. Here is a tidbit for you. Many of you may not realize that the emergency radio system is used by more than just first responders like Police, Fire and EMS. It is…


May Issues of PSERN News!

In this Issue:  Message from the Director Project Buzz Search and Rescue  Want to know what these guys are up too? Then check out the latest edition of PSERN News! The newsletter that keeps you up on all the latest events happening with the PSERN Project. Click Here for PSERN News