• Final Radio Inventory: The Final Radio Inventory Process is underway and agencies need to submit their inventories to the PSERN Project by March 8, 2021. More information, including Final Radio Inventory agency instructions, standard radio features and functions, as well as Town Hall slides reviewing common questions, can be found on the Final Radio Inventory page.
  • PSERN Bulletin: Review previous editions of the PSERN Bulletin monthly newsletter and subscribe here.
  • DAS/In-Building Coverage: Information on DAS/In-Building Coverage, including stakeholders and updates, can be found here.

Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN)

The Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) is a voter-approved effort to upgrade and expand the current King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS). PSERN will primarily serve fire fighters, law enforcement, and other emergency response efforts throughout King County. The PSERN Project (Project) is leading the new emergency radio system development and when complete, a new, nonprofit entity, the PSERN Operator, will operate the system.

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