Standard Radio Equipment

During the PSERN Project, stakeholder groups of radio-user subject matter experts advised the Project on the required radio features, functions and accessories for each service.

In 2022 and 2023, PSERN Project radio provided 800 MHz radios that are appropriate to the needs of fire departments, law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals, public works agencies, and other radio users. In general, agencies received equipment from the list of standard configurations provided below, unless they agreed to purchasing additional features or accessories beyond the standard configurations.

View the Standard PSERN Radio Configurations.

The standard configurations include accessories that are compatible with each radio, including:

  • Portable (hand-held) Radio: remote speaker microphone, antenna, charger, 2 batteries, holster
  • Mobile (vehicle) Radio: microphone, unity gain antenna, speaker, interface cables between the intercom and headset system, if required.
  • Control Station: microphone, power supply
  • Consolette: microphone (power supply within device)

If current PSERN user agencies require additional radio equipment or accessories, they should contact their agency’s radio shop or a Motorola-authorized dealer, who can supply additional equipment through Motorola Solutions Inc. on terms similar to the PSERN contract.

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