Radio Equipment Overview

The PSERN Project Radio Deployment will provide 800 MHz radios that are appropriate for the services of the fire, law enforcement, schools, hospitals, public works, and other radio-user agencies. In about 2012 and again in 2018, stakeholder groups of radio-user subject matter experts advised the Project on the needed radio features and functions per service. In 2021, the PSERN Project conducted the Final Radio Inventory to collect the current quantity and types of radios agencies needed exchanged to place the order with Motorola. Although agencies may not receive the identical radios or features that they currently have, the equipment will meet the needs identified as requirements by the stakeholder groups and the PSERN Project Operations Board, as well as the information agencies provided during the Final Radio Inventory process. Agencies will receive standard radios unless they committed to purchasing non-standard radios.

View the standard radios that will be provided in Radio Deployment.