In the 1980’s, there were approximately 170 different disparate emergency radio systems in the region. In the early 90’s, technology evolved in such a way that King County was able to move away from so many different systems. In 1992, the King County Emergency Radio Communications Systems (KCERCS) was founded, with implementation being substantially complete in 1997. The King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS), was able to significantly reduce disparate radio systems down to seven.

Today’s current system, KCERCS, is comprised of 4 different system owners with differing operational standards, repair philosophies, maintenance response times, and budget cycles. Hypothetically, if a resident in King County had a repair issue, the level of service that was provided to them may vary depending on which the owner governs in that area. A call for service may get bounced from one system owner to another depending on the actual nature of the issue. In addition to these standardization issues, KCERS is now over 20 years old and past the end of its life. Today’s lack of standardization and obsolescence eventually led to the forming of PSERN which will unify and streamline operations and maintenance while upgrading to an improved emergency radio network.