PSERN Service Fees

PSERN Radio and Dispatch End-User agencies are required to pay service fees to cover the costs of the ongoing operation and maintenance of the PSERN system. The cost allocation model is defined in the PSERN Operator Interlocal Agreement.

PSERN service fees are determined based on the quantity of radios and dispatch consoles controlled and used by each agency. Fees are calculated and billed on a quarterly basis.

Service fee rates are set annually by the PSERN Operator Board of Directors using the cost allocation model. The following rates apply for 2024

  • Public Safety radio – $36.92 per radio per month
  • Non-Public Safety radio – $28.80 per radio per month
  • Dispatch console – $999.22 per console per month

Service fee rates for 2025 are expected to be available in July, 2024.

In addition to paying the service fees discussed above, PSERN radio user agencies are responsible for all costs associated with the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of their radio equipment and accessories.

For billing and invoicing enquiries:

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