DAS/In-Building Coverage Overview

There are over 700 properties in King County that have public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). These DAS rebroadcast the current emergency communications radio system to support first responders. Similar to a fire alarm system or sprinkler system, properties required to have a DAS must maintain them in working order and conduct annual confidence testing. In 2022, the emergency communications radio system will change to PSERN and properties with public safety DAS will be impacted. When there is a change to the radio system, DAS Properties are legally required to participate by both the Code of Federal Regulations, governing radio frequency use, and by the local fire code, protecting public safety.

Preparation for PSERN

To determine what changes may be necessary to their DAS, properties need to assess their equipment and configuration. Most properties do not have qualified staff to conduct an assessment, so they will need to hire a DAS Vendor. Hiring DAS Vendors and conducting the assessment should be done as soon as possible. There are limited DAS Vendors to provide assessment and properties need to be ready for the DAS Migration.

DAS Migration Overview

DAS Migration is when DAS Properties will stop using the current emergency communications radio system and take steps to remain compliant with the DAS requirements. This migration will begin in waves based on the geographic location of the property. Exact shutdown dates will be sent directly to properties . On the assigned date, DAS Properties will need to disable their existing DAS. Properties that still need DAS will then need to reconfigure their current DAS and potentially modify the equipment to be compatible with PSERN. Once their DAS is compatible, the property will sign a new Rebroadcast Agreement and connect to the new PSERN System.

View the details of the DAS Migration Process for properties.

More Information

DAS Property Action Items
Legal Requirements and Authorities
DAS Vendor Hiring Process

Please contact DAS Coordinator, Creighton Watley at DAS-PSERN@kingcounty.gov if you have questions or need to update property contact information.

The PSERN Project will regularly share DAS Migration updates with DAS Properties and DAS Vendors. Also, please subscribe to the PSERN Bulletin monthly newsletter for PSERN progress.