DAS Requirements

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in King County are required to meet both public safety and usage of radio frequency regulations. PSERN is partnering closely with local authorities to ensure that DAS usage aligns with the following:

Public Safety/Fire Code Requirements

Authority: In King County, the Fire Marshals are the Authorities Holding Jurisdiction (AHJ) for fire code enforcement pertaining to DAS. The Fire Marshals are represented by the King County Fire Chiefs Association and this official notice was sent to all DAS properties on record announcing the transition to PSERN and actions properties need to take to remain compliant with the fire code.

DAS Fire Code: Providing in-building DAS emergency radio coverage is required by Section 510 of the Washington Fire Code with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1221 as the reference standard and any local amendments. Statewide, this fire code has been adopted per RCW 19.27.031 and WAC 51-54A-003.

Broadcast Radio System Fire Code: Section 510.6.2 of the Washington Fire Code states that a DAS Property Owner is required to incorporate changes made to the broadcast radio system. PSERN is now the public safety radio system in use for public safety agencies in King County.

Enforcement: Fire Marshals in King County have adopted Technical Criteria for the PSERN System. They have updated their annual confidence testing process and certification of occupancy to include the required approval from PSERN. If you have questions, please contact your local Fire Marshal.

Radio Frequency/FCC Requirements

Authority: PSERN is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) radio frequency licensee. The licensee may grant consent to non-licensees, such as properties with DAS, to rebroadcast the emergency radio system.

Use of Signal Boosters Requirement: Per 47 Code of Federal Regulations § 90.219.b.1.i “(i) Non-licensees seeking to operate signal boosters must obtain the express consent of the licensee(s) of the frequencies for which the device or system is intended to amplify. The consent must be maintained in a recordable format that can be presented to an FCC representative or other relevant licensee investigating interference.” More information on the use of signal boosters can be found here.

Enforcement: Uplink validation is required before a DAS is activated for normal operation with PSERN frequencies. Any property still operating their DAS with a legacy radio network configuration, or using PSERN service without approval is in conflict with federal regulation and needs to disable their equipment immediately. The property can then work with a DAS vendor to obtain PSERN approval.


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