DAS Migration Process Overview

As part of implementing PSERN, the new public safety radio network, all public safety DAS in King County need to adapt to the radio service changes. DAS migration is the process by which existing DAS that were previously utilizing the legacy radio service are assessed, reconfigured, and approved by PSERN.

DAS Migration Process Workflow Diagram

Property DAS Migration Process

Any property still operating their DAS with a legacy radio network configuration, or using PSERN service without approval is in conflict with federal regulation and needs to disable their equipment immediately. After the public safety DAS is disabled, next steps will be determined based on an assessment of their DAS. From that information, the property will need to reconfigure and validate their DAS or will need to submit official documentation to their fire code official that they have sufficient radio coverage without public safety DAS.

It is expected that most properties will continue to need a public safety DAS due to property-specific architectural design elements or building materials, such as thick concrete or energy-efficient insulation that restrict radio signals. A property will have completed the DAS Migration Process when both PSERN and Fire Marshal requirements are satisfied. Properties should contact their local Fire Marshal if they have any fire code compliance questions.

Properties that continue to need a public safety DAS with PSERN will need to hire a DAS vendor to support them in the following:

  • Recommissioning DAS for PSERN: Upgrading or replacing DAS equipment and/or reprogramming the software configuration.
  • Validating Non-Interference with PSERN: Once the recommissioning has occurred, the property will need a DAS vendor to perform Uplink Validation to confirm that its public safety DAS is not causing interference with PSERN.
  • Coverage Compliance Documentation: When the public safety DAS has been validated with PSERN, the property will sign a PSERN Rebroadcast Agreement and the DAS vendor will submit it, along with other technical information to the report radio coverage compliance to the Fire Marshal. (If an assessment determines that a public safety DAS is not needed with PSERN, the DAS vendor would need to submit official documentation to the Fire Marshal indicating that the property has sufficient radio coverage without public safety DAS.)


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