The Agency Resources section of the PSERN website provides information for user agency personnel, including dispatch centers and training staf. Information for DAS properties, DAS vendors and Fire Marshals is also available.

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I will have access to proprietary, secure or confidential information (“Confidential Information”). I shall not make Confidential Information available to others unless I have received specific authorization from Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network. I may not discuss Confidential Information outside of the workplace or outside of my usual work area. Further, I shall not divulge, publish, or otherwise make known to unauthorized persons or to the public any Confidential Information obtained. I may divulge Confidential Information: 1) to other authorized staf and managers as necessary to perform my job duties; and 2) to others only if specifically authorized to do so by federal, state, or local statute, regulation or court order, and with the knowledge of my supervisor or manager. I understand that a breach of Confidential Information may be grounds for disciplinary or legal action, and may include termination, and in some circumstances criminal prosecution. Finally, I agree to notify my supervisor immediately should I become aware of an actual breach of Confidentiality Information or a situation that could potentially result in a breach, whether this is on my part or on the part of another person.

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