Technical Specifications

Electronics, wiring

Technical specifications for a Distributed Antenna Signal (DAS) to connect with the future PSERN system will need the following requirements: 

  • Must be capable of supporting 800 MHz analog operation including a 800 MHz APCO Project 25, TIA-102 Phase I FDMA and Phase II TDMA 
  • Fiber fed BDAs are preferred. If it is not available, the PSERN signal will need to be received from a repeater site (In these cases, the appropriate donor repeater site will be determined at the time of authorization).
  • All PSERN compatible BDAs must be an FCC Class A channelized BDA capable of supporting up to 28 channels 
  • BDAs must be fitted with anti-oscillation circuitry and per-channel AGC 
  • BDAs and associated equipment must meet all applicable local, state, national codes, ordinances, and FCC Rules 
  • BDAs must be capable of uplink squelch operation

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