PSERN Stakeholder Overview

The Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) Project is overseen by the PSERN Project Joint Board to replace the current King County Emergency Radio Communication System (KCERCS) for radio end-users. Once the PSERN system is completed, KCERCS will be decommissioned and a new non-profit, the PSERN Operator will operate the PSERN system. Please see below for information on PSERN stakeholder groups.

PSERN Governance

Information about the governance of the PSERN Project, including the Joint Board membership, can be found here. Information about the PSERN Operator can be found here.

KCERCS Radio Operators

The current King County Emergency Radio Communications (KCERCs) system is provided by the following four separate radio operators:

Radio End-Users (Emergency Personnel & Local Government)

The Radio End-Users include King County first responders, dispatch centers, local government, hospitals, and emergency management personnel. Primarily PSERN will serve fire fighters, law enforcement, and other emergency local government personnel who may need to utilize the emergency radio network in the course of performing their duties.

Properties with Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Additionally, some properties in King County, with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), will be involved with the PSERN Project. More information about DAS Stakeholders can be found here.