PSERN Project Training

The new PSERN radios will include updated features and functions that some radio end-users may not be familiar with, so Motorola, along with the PSERN Project Technical Team, will be providing training through a Lead Trainer, train-the-trainer approach. Each agency has a designated Lead Trainer whose responsibility is to learn about the PSERN equipment and then train their internal radio end-user staff prior to the deployment of radios to their agency.

Lead Trainer Responsibilities:

  • Attend an 8-hour in-person class (4hrs/portable radio & 4hrs mobile radios)
  • Schedule/coordinate training of all internal agency staff
  • Ensure all internal agency staff receive training before deployment

The PSERN Project will reach out directly to Lead Trainers with class scheduling details, such as peer groupings (e.g. fire, law enforcement, etc.), multiple class times to choose from, and training facility locations. Lead Trainers from agencies that do not have mobile radios (radios installed in vehicles) or control stations, such as some King County departments or hospitals, will only need to attend a 4-hour in-person call on portable (hand-held) radios. For questions, please contact