DAS Property Overview

There are over 700 public safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in King County properties and just as the variety of buildings they reside in vary, the DAS vary in complexity, scale, and the level that they have been maintained. Properties with DAS tend to have been built in the last ten years, are greater than 100,000 square feet, and use energy efficient insulation, such as mixed-use residential buildings, schools, and corporate campuses. Regardless of their current state, all properties with DAS will need to follow the below steps to successfully transition to the new PSERN System.

Property DAS Migration Steps

  1. Hire a DAS Vendor: Unless a property has qualified staff, they will need to hire a DAS Vendor as soon as possible to:
    • Assess their current DAS equipment and configuration to determine what changes to their DAS are necessary to be approved by both the PSERN Project and their fire code authority.
    • Perform updates to meet the PSERN requirements.
    • Provide instructions and demonstrate to their Building Engineer how to temporarily disable their DAS on the assigned date and in the event it is causing interference with PSERN.
  2. Disable DAS on Assigned Date: The DAS Migration will occur in 3 geographic waves across King County in 2022 as the new radio system is ready. Properties will be notified prior to the exact date they need to disable their DAS. Disabling DAS is crucial to the PSERN Project confirming there is no DAS interference prior to public agencies beginning to use PSERN.
  3. Sign Rebroadcast Agreement: Properties that continue to need DAS will need to sign a new Rebroadcast Agreement to receive authorization from the PSERN Project to rebroadcast public safety radio through their DAS. The FCC legal requirement can be found in the DAS Requirements.
  4. Recommission and Validate DAS: After first responders have transitioned to PSERN, the properties that continue to need a DAS will need to work with their DAS Vendor to recommission their DAS to meet PSERN radio performance requirements. System performance will then be validated by the DAS Vendor and PSERN Project. The fire code legal requirement can be found in the DAS Requirements.