PSERN Project News (as of 1/8/21)

Final Radio Inventory Process Beginning

The purpose of the Final Radio Inventory process is to conduct the final count of all radio equipment that will need to be purchased and then deployed to King County agencies. It is essential that the information collected is accurate to avoid unintended extra costs or impacts to agency operations. The process of collecting the Final Radio Inventory from all 104 separate “parent” agencies (as well as their numerous “children” agencies, or departments) will begin in January and the collection/reconciliation process will last for approximately 2 months. The deadline for agencies to submit their final inventory is March 8th because from spring to fall, the Project has to write over 600 radio templates in order to program the radios and begin deployments as planned. For more information,  visit the Final Radio Inventory page on the PSERN website where you will be able to find the latest information as we go through this process.

Standard PSERN Radio Features/Functions

Current King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS) agency customers will be receiving a radio with standard features and functions from the PSERN Project in exchange for any active radios handed in at the time of radio deployment, beginning this fall. The number and model type of radios ordered from the Motorola vendor, on behalf of agencies, will be determined based on the data in the Final Radio Inventory, so it is essential that agencies thoroughly review and confirm the data that will be listed in a spreadsheet directly sent to each KCERCS agency customer next week. Click here to view a chart of the PSERN Standard Radio Features and Functions.

During the Final Radio Inventory process, if your agency indicates that you have had equipment changes and/or that you want to pay for non-standard features or functions, the PSERN Technical Team will reach out to you to discuss further. Your Final Radio Inventory spreadsheet will be emailed to the contact we have on record early next week, so we recommend that you wait to view the data before reaching out with questions. If, however, you have immediate questions, please contact, explaining what type of changes you have had and/or what type of information you are seeking from the PSERN Technical Team and we will try to respond within 2 business days. We appreciate your understanding, however, that we are currently preparing the inventories and may be delayed in response until later next week.

Project Schedule

The following Project schedule timeframes are subject to change, but are accurate as of the December 2020 PSERN Joint Board meeting:

  • Final Radio Inventory: January 2021 – Early March 2021
  • Radio Frequency Coverage Testing: February 2021 – November 2021
  • Radio End-User Pilot Testing: August 2021 – September 2021
  • Radio Deployment & Transition: October 2021 – August 2022
  • Full System Acceptance: December 2022

Construction Updates

The West Seattle Tower at Myrtle Reservoir Park has been completed, however multiple parties, including the City of Seattle and King County Metro, have work at this site. Once the new PSERN tower was built and components installed, moving communications equipment from the old tower to the new tower began. COVID-19 impacted work at this site, including supply chain and approval processes that must occur prior to the equipment moves and dismantling the old tower. All agencies are coordinating their activities and neighbors in the immediate vicinity of the site have been notified of site status. Click here to view the flyer that was sent to neighbors.

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