In a historic moment for the PSERN Project, the team conducted its first successful test of the new PSERN radio system. The PSERN team has been working many long and intense hours towards this moment for over five years, and this was the moment that told us the system works. The team has completed many milestones to get to this moment including project planning, numerous lease negotiations, council actions, and construction of radio towers and cores (the brains behind the whole PSERN system) to reach this moment. This would not have been possible without the diligence, dedication, and hard work of our staff and partners. Enjoy a video of the first successful radio transmission test.

Construction Updates*

West Seattle: The main construction at Myrtle Reservoir Park has been completed. You will no longer see any heavy construction such as excavation, dump trucks, or concrete trucks. Minor construction continues with service trucks and a crane in the area. This phase of construction is expected to last two to three months.

King Lake: No construction is currently taking place at King Lake. Crews are only conducting equipment installations at this time. A generator for back-up power will be installed at the site.

*Updated on 2/14/20

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