Phone: 206-47-PSERN / 206-477-7376

For media inquires please contact 206-263-5865

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Team Member &  Contact Info
Aaron Oestmann Electronic Communications Specialist  
Adrian Englet Site Development Supervisor 
Armand Eichhorn Senior IT Project Administrator
Bill Caughlin Construction Project Manager
Bob Johnson IT Project Manager II 
Clyde Weik Electronic Communications Specialist 
Dave Curtiss
IT Project Manager II
David Mendel Division Director
Hai Phung Implementation Supervisor 
John Creager IT Project Manager II
Kimberly Nuber Deputy Division Director 
Lake McLaughlin Construction Project Manager 
Mahak Chopra Administrative Specialist
Mark Williams Construction Manager 
Marta Tarabella-Marchesi Contracts Manager 
Peter Stallone Electronic Communications Specialist  
Sean Bachler Electronic Communications Specialist 
Sean Douglas Technical Supervisor 
Thomas Wood Budget Analyst  
Tracey Doss Administrator Sr.  
Victoria Gonzalez-Minter Communications Manager