I will have access to proprietary, secure or confidential information (“Confidential Information”). I shall not make Confidential Information available to others unless I have received specific authorization from King County. I may not discuss Confidential Information outside of the workplace or outside of my usual work area. Further, I shall not divulge, publish, or otherwise make known to unauthorized persons or to the public any Confidential Information obtained. I may divulge Confidential Information: 1) to other authorized staff and managers as necessary to perform my job duties; and 2) to others only if specifically authorized to do so by federal, state, or local statute, regulation or court order, and with the knowledge of my supervisor or manager. I understand that a breach of Confidential Information may be grounds for disciplinary or legal action, and may include termination, and in some circumstances criminal prosecution. Finally, I agree to notify my supervisor immediately should I become aware of an actual breach of Confidentiality Information or a situation that could potentially result in a breach, whether this is on my part or on the part of another person.