Recommended Criteria for Selecting DAS Vendors

The following are suggested criteria for a property to consider when selecting a DAS Vendor to service a public safety DAS:

  • Valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued general radio operator’s license (GROL) held by the vendor.
  • Certification of training by manufacturer of DAS equipment installed in the building.
  • Other DAS training from trade organizations or other DAS equipment manufacturers.
  • Records of performance describing execution of DAS installation, scheduling milestones, and quoted pricing.
  • Records of experience with similar buildings and scopes of work, especially servicing and recertifying DAS.
  • Customer references – consider similar size of building, type of building, geographic location.
  • Demonstrated understanding of local interpretation of relevant fire code.
  • WA licensed professional engineer on staff.

DAS Vendors List

The following companies have expressed interest in performing service work for properties with public safety DAS in King County and provided their contact information. (Their inclusion on this list does not represent an endorsement or guarantee of any kind from the PSERN Project or King County. Please contact if you are a DAS Vendor wanting to be added.)

Vendor Name

Point of Contact

Email Address

Airtower Networks Brandon Harris
Amplified Wireless Solutions, Inc. Jim Muzynoski
BearCom Christopher Cisco
Berk-Tel Communications Brian Berken
Black Box Paul Brown
Cache Valley Electric Lou Turner
Clearline Engineering Lacie Christensen
DAS Simplified Adam Gossett
Day Wireless Systems Chris Nourse
Decypher Technologies, Inc. Adas Wolk
E2Optics, LLC Alexander Danilyuk
HetNet Julia Connolly
McKinstry Jeremy Edalgo
Newbridge Wireless Michael Zhang
PowerCom, Inc Daniel Partridge
Prime Electric Dan Scarsorie
Puget Sound Instrument Lisa Ratko
Pulse Signal Solutions Stephanie Adkins
Silke Communications Kenny Adamson
Skyline Communications Chase Goodnight
Stantec Paul Roos
Structured Communications Bill Quesnell
800 MHz Group Bill Silvernail