PSERN Project Governing Board

Joint Board

The PSERN Project is governed by a Joint Board comprised of representatives from its four partner agencies:
King County, City of Seattle, Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency, and Valley Communications.

Formed in 2015, the Joint Board provides project oversight by making budget decisions, setting policy, and overseeing the project schedule.

Joint Board Members

Agency Member/Professional Title/Joint Board Role
King County Brenda Bauer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Chair
King County Tanya Hannah, CIO
City of Seattle Harold Scoggins, Chief
Valley Communications Lora Ueland, Director
Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency Kurt Triplett, Kirkland City Manager
Police Representative Steve Burns, Medina Chief of Police
Fire Representative Chris Elwell, Fire Commissioner

PSERN Project Advisory Committees

Technical Committee

The PSERN Technical Committee is responsible for communicating recommendations on technical issues to Project staff based on user needs. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: user needs based technical criteria development for vendor RFP’s, RFP evaluation and scoring, provide vendor selection recommendations, assist the Project staff with vendor management, provide site development oversight, and assist with the Project implementation activities.

Operations Board

The Operations Board members are considered the link between the Project and system users and will advise the PSERN Joint Board on operational matters. Members include:

Operations Board Members

Area of Expertise / Group Affiliation
Member/Professional Title/Operations Board Role
City of Seattle Chris Lombard, Seattle Battalion Chief, Chair
Fire Steve Heitman, Mercer Island Fire Chief, Vice Chair
King County Greg Thomas, Vice Chair
Valley Comm Cities Angee Bunk
Emergency Management Scott Currie
Police Russ Radke
Fire Steve Heitman
EPSCA Cities David Jokinen
EMS Kevin Crossen
PSAP Ron Tiedeman
Utilities Ned Worcester
Hospitals Larry Kieling

Operations Board meeting times vary.
For more information please contact the Board Chair, Battalion Chief Chris Lombard.