The Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) will replace the current King County Emergency Radio System. This system is used by first responders to coordinate activities during emergency events and communicate with each other directing response activities. Time is critical during emergency situations so dispatch and first responders need a reliable radio communications system to help them respond efficiently. King county voters approved the PSERN Project in April 2015. This is a large project with a budget of approximately $273 million.

Designed in 1992 for King County‚Äôs population at that time, the current emergency radio system is over 20 years old and needs to be replaced to accommodate King County’s growing population. Over the years, the population throughout King County has steadily increased and residents are living in expanded areas creating coverage challenges for the current system. In order to address these issues, the PSERN Project will add new towers and upgrade existing ones resulting in increased coverage. PSERN is also providing new electronic equipment at radio sites and new equipment for users of the new system.

Construction began in summer of 2016 and the project is scheduled to be completed in 2022.The new system as a whole will provide improved coverage, capacity, capability, and connectivity for residents of King County.