Radio Deployment/Transition FAQ

The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Radio Deployment and Transition to the PSERN System. Additional FAQ will be added as information is available. UPDATED: 9/28/2021

Radio Deployment Scheduling

Q: What is the Radio Deployment Schedule?
A: The PSERN Project Radio Deployment Schedule is the dates, times, and locations of how agencies will exchange their portable (hand-held) and mobile (vehicle) radios for the new PSERN radios based on the Wave Process. Wave start dates will indicate the beginning of deployment for assigned agencies in that group. Wave end dates will indicate the day that agencies in that group will transition to the new PSERN System.

Q: When will the Radio Deployment Schedule be completed?
A: The Radio Deployment Schedule should be completed in December 2021.

Q: How will the Radio Deployment Schedule be created?
A: In October/November 2021, the PSERN Project will reach out to agencies with mobile radios to collect vehicle information (see detailed list below). The Project will then draft the Radio Deployment Schedule based on vehicle information provided by the agencies, contract requirements to install 35 mobile radios a day, and multiple deployment locations in each wave geographic area to minimize agency travel time. The draft mobile radio install schedule will be reviewed with agencies to incorporate needed adjustments. All agencies will need to commit to fulfilling the schedule for it to be final.

Q: What vehicle information does the Project need from agencies?
A: The Project needs responses to these questions (see Mobile Vehicle Installation Town Hall slides):

  • Does your agency have any blackout dates, such as festivals, when staff are not available for appointments?
  •  Are there any days or times that work best for your agency staff? For example, if your agency staff work four 10-hour days, Fridays may be a good time to conduct multiple mobile radio installations.
  • Will your agency want to park loaner or pool cars at the mobile vehicle installation site?
  • Overview Vehicle Information:
    • Priorities – Do you have any high-use or leadership vehicles that need to be installed first? Are you planning to replace any vehicles and if so, they should be scheduled last (e.g., new radio into new car)
    • Category Limitations – How many of each category of vehicle can be taken out of service simultaneously?
    • Specialty Vehicles – Do you have a boat, helicopter, or other vehicles that cannot travel to an installation depot and need their radio to be installed at your agency location?
  • Specific Vehicle Information (The Project will provide a spreadsheet for agencies to provide this information):
    • Vehicle Asset Number (internal agency number/fleet management number)
    • Type of Vehicle (e.g., truck, police cruiser, ambulance, ladder truck, heavy machinery, etc.)
    • Make (e.g., Ford, Chevrolet, etc.)
    • Model Number
    • License Plate
    • VIN/ID
    • Year of Vehicle
    • Radio Console Brand
    • Add new radios acquired since April 2021
    • Indicate if a radio has been taken out of service since April 2021