Final Radio Inventory Information

The purpose of the Final Radio Inventory process is to conduct the final count of all radio equipment that will need to be purchased and then deployed to King County agencies. Agencies should submit their final inventory by March 8, 2021 because from spring to fall, the PSERN Project has to write over 600 radio templates in order to program the radios and begin deployment as planned. It is essential that the information collected is accurate to avoid unintended extra costs or impacts to agency operations. The following information is provided to support this effort.

Definition of an Active Radio

The PSERN Project definition of an “active” radio is that it is entered into the Zone Controller and able to be used on the radio system. (Can you push-to-talk and get a triple beep? If you get a continuous bonk, the radio is not active.)

How to Conduct Your Final Radio Inventory

Agencies will be directly contacted in early January 2021 with details about their agency inventory and instructions. Final Radio Inventory Agency InstructionsThe following is a summary of the Final Radio Inventory steps:

  1. Read the “How to Conduct Your Final Radio Inventory” slideshow.
  2. Open the Final Radio Inventory spreadsheet that was attached to the email sent to you.
  3. Review the Final Radio Inventory data for accuracy.
  4. Complete Column A to indicate if the PSERN Replacement Radio Configuration is accurate (Yes/No).
  5. Complete Column B if you have had any equipment changes and/or you answered No in Column A.
  6. Email your completed Final Radio Inventory spreadsheet to by March 8, 2021.

Final Radio Inventory Town Hall Sessions

To support customer agencies in completing their inventories and offer an opportunity to ask questions, the PSERN Project Technical Supervisor, Sean Douglas, hosted three optional Town Hall webinar sessions in February 2021. Click here to view the Final Radio Inventory Town Hall presentation slides.

Standard Features and Functions of PSERN Radios

Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) radios will be used by King County public safety, general government, and public works stakeholders. To support agencies in determining their radio needs, a specification document has been created to provide details on what end-users can expect from PSERN radios. Click here to view the PSERN Standard Radio Features and Functions specification document. There are two categories of PSERN radios: 1) Public Safety and 2) General Government & Public Works. The deployment of radios to end-user agencies will begin in the fall of 2021. For more information, please contact and provide your agency name, type of radios you are inquiries about (public safety, general government, and/or public works), and contact information.

Examples of Non-Standard Radio Features/Functions

The following are a few examples of PSERN non-standard radio features and functions, and the associated price, per radio, that your agency would have to pay, if requested. We give you this information for your awareness of what some common upgrades might cost. You can find details of the below PSERN models (e.g. APX6000XE) in the PSERN Standard Radio Features and Functions chart. If you are interested in upgrading, at your cost, please email for more information.

  1. APX6000XE to APX8000XE multiband upgrade: $1,474 / radio
  2. APX4000 to APX6000 upgrade: $1,123 / radio (with Bluetooth $1,230)
  3. APX4500 O2 dash mount to APX6500 E5 dash mount upgrade: $1,320 / radio
  4. APX4500 O2 trunk mount to APX6500 O3 trunk mount upgrade: $1,165 (General Government)
  5. APX4500 O2 trunk mount to APX6500 O3 trunk mount upgrade: $1,105 (Public Safety)