Equipment Overview

The PSERN Project will be exchanging radio equipment through the Radio Deployment beginning in early 2022. Radio equipment has been validated through the Final Radio Inventory process and the Project is in the process of ordering the equipment, on behalf of agencies, through Motorola. Each current King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS) customer agency will receive their validated Final Radio Inventory.

Effective August 12, 2021, the Project cannot accept any further radio or accessory changes.

Standard Features and Functions of PSERN Radios

The Radio Deployment will provide radios that are appropriate for the services provided by PSERN radio end-users (fire, hospitals, law enforcement, public works, etc.). In about 2012 and again in 2018, stakeholder groups of radio end-user subject matter experts advised the Project on the needed radio features/functions per service. Although agencies may not receive the same model radios or features that they currently have, the equipment will meet the needs identified in the radio end-user stakeholder requirements and PSERN Project Operations Board review. Some models will no-longer be supported by Motorola in the future, whereas the PSERN models will provide guaranteed support for at least 10 years from the first shipments.

Standard Radio Features and Functions: The PSERN levy paid for Standard Radio Features and Functions identified in the radio end-user stakeholder groups and therefore agencies will not be charged for these.

Non-Standard Features and Functions: The following are some example of non-standard radio features and functions that some agencies may have chosen to purchase:

  • APX6000XE to APX8000XE multiband upgrade: $1,474 / radio
  • APX4000 to APX6000 upgrade: $1,123 / radio (with Bluetooth $1,230)
  • APX4500 O2 dash mount to APX6500 E5 dash mount upgrade: $1,320 / radio
  • APX4500 O2 trunk mount to APX6500 O3 trunk mount upgrade: $1,165 (General Government)
  • APX4500 O2 trunk mount to APX6500 O3 trunk mount upgrade: $1,105 (Public Safety)