Latest DAS/In-Building Coverage News

12/15/20: Recommended Screening Criteria & DAS Vendors

In order to assist DAS property representatives, the PSERN Project has developed recommended screening criteria for hiring a DAS Vendor. Additionally, a list of DAS Vendors who have expressed interest in performing service work for properties with public safety DAS in King County. Click here to view the Screening Criteria and Vendor List.

11/05/20: DAS Property Notice Letter Sent

In early November, the PSERN Project mailed a notification letter to all King County property contacts utilizing the current public safety radio service, KCERCS (King County Emergency Radio Communications System) in their distributed antenna system (DAS). The purpose of the letter was to notify of changes coming due to the PSERN Project and what preparations are required by the properties. Please note that the PSERN Project made every effort to reach all buildings, but if you did not receive a letter, please reach out to DAS Coordinator, Creighton Watley, at or click here to view the DAS Notification Letter.

Connect for Updates

The PSERN Project strives to communicate regularly with all stakeholders, however the Project recognizes that due to the impacts of the COVID Pandemic, including widespread remote working, there may be changes or adjustments in stakeholder contact information. To ensure that accurate contact information is used to communicate with your property or agency, please email DAS Coordinator, Creighton Watley, at to provide current contacts. Please include your name, title, organization, phone number, and email address in the message.