BDA/DAS Authorization

The PSERN system is expected to be on the air transmitting frequencies in late 2019. Full transition from the current 800 MHz King County Emergency Radio Communications System (KCERCS) to PSERN is expected to take approximately 8 months and be complete by early 2020.

The following are the actions that must be taken before installing and/or placing a Bi-Directional Antenna (BDA) or Distributive Antenna System (DAS) into service using the PSERN Network:

Step 1
Contact your authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and validate local code requirements for BDA/DAS systems.

Before design begins contact the PSERN team at 206-47-PSERN (206-477-7376) or email 

(Please note, depending on the timing of commissioning, PSERN staff may also refer building owners/contractors to owners of the current KCERCS for additional consultation)

Step 3
Before commissioning or turn-up (initial power-on of the BDA or DAS), a walk-through inspection must be conducted with PSERN staff to confirm the new installation does not interfere with operations. The AHJ will validate if the system meets the local code requirements.

Step 4
The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, now requires building owners to register these devices. Registration must be demonstrated before commissioning.

  • Technical Specifications for planning purposes are:
  • 800 MHz APCO Project 25 Phase II
  • Channelized BDA’s only, no broadband BDA’s will be allowed.
  • Fiber fed BDA’s are preferred, but donor sites, if used, will be determined at time of authorization.