PSERN Operations Board

Pictured left to right: Chief Steve Heitman, Chair; Captain Chris Lombard, Ned Worcester, Ron Tiedeman, Marina Zuetell, Scott Currie, Captain Greg Thomas, Sergeant Jamie Douglas, Assistant Chief Tim Dahl . Not pictured: Angee Bunk

The Operations Board members are considered the link between the Project and system users and will advise the PSERN Joint Board on operational matters.

Operations Board Members include:

Angee Bunk, ValleyCom Cities

Steve Heitman, Fire

Greg Thomas, King County

David Jokinen, EPSCA Cities

Chris Lombard, City of Seattle (Board Chair)

John Nankervis, EMS

Ron Tiedeman, PSAP’s

Ned Worcester , Utilities

Marina Zuetell, Hospitals

Scott Currie, Emergency Management

Jamie Douglas, Police

Sean Douglas, PSERN Staff

Board meetings vary. For more information please contact the Board Chair Captain Chris Lombard at