DAS Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities

There are five main stakeholders in the PSERN Project DAS Transition: Radio Operators (Current/Future), Authorities Holding Jurisdiction (AHJs), Property Owners/Building Managers, DAS Vendors, and Radio End-Users. The following is a high-level description of each stakeholder’s role and responsibilities, and in this transition. If you have any questions, please contact das@psern.org and provide your name, title, and organization in the message, so that you can be most effectively supported.

Radio Operators

The current King County Emergency Radio Communications (KCERCs) system is provided by four separate radio operators, but when the PSERN Project is completed, the future public safety radio system will be provided by one new PSERN Operator. The current radio operators are:

Authorities Holding Jurisdiction (AHJs)

The Authority Holding Jurisdiction (AHJ) will in most cases be the local Fire Marshal. The role of the AHJ is to uphold the  adopted fire code. WA State Fire Code, Section 510.6.2 requires buildings in their jurisdiction complete the DAS Transition properly. The AHJs will be working closely with the PSERN Project to coordinate communications with buildings. Property Owners/Building Managers can direct compliance questions to their local Fire Marshal. The PSERN Project is currently working on creating a contact list of AHJs in King County.

Property Owners/Building Managers

Property Owners, and their building management, whose buildings in King County host public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), are responsible for maintaining their DAS. Just like a fire alarm system or sprinkler system, DAS must be maintained in working order and periodically inspected. Per the WA State Fire Code, Section 510.6.2, the Property Owner is required to incorporate changes made to the broadcast system. The broadcast system is the PSERN Project system being built. In early November 2020, the PSERN Project mailed a letter to all King County properties with a DAS.

Property Owners need to take the following actions prior to September 1, 2021:

Review the letter with their building facilities or engineering service
Contract a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Vendor to:
  • Assess the current DAS equipment and configuration,
  • Perform updates to meet the new PSERN radio system requirements, and
  • Provide instructions and demonstrate to the Building Engineer how to temporarily disable the DAS in the event it is causing interference.

The PSERN Project is currently developing more information to support Property Owners in contracting a DAS Vendor and will be sharing that information soon.

DAS Vendors

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Vendors need to be contracted by the Property Owner/Building Management. The role of the DAS Vendor is to assess the buildings current DAS by September 1, 2021, reconfigure the DAS to meet performance requirements for the new broadcast system, and validate performance with the Radio Operator and the AHJ. The PSERN Project is currently working on details for the DAS Transition process and will be sharing that information soon.

Radio End-Users (Emergency Personnel & AHJs)

The Radio End-Users are primarily fire fighters, law enforcement, and other emergency personnel who may need to utilize DAS within a property as part of an emergency response. AHJs will require annual testing of DAS.

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