Promotion for one of PSERN’s Superstars!

Hey there! Firefighter Mic here. Happy Friday!!!!!

Welp we made it to the end of another busy week! The sun is shining bright outside which we love because it means better weather to get things done on the Project!

Speaking of Project……..We have another new IT Project Manager in the house! CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Young Jang! She was recently promoted to IT Project Manager I !

Young started off as an intern for the King County Information Technology Department (KCIT). Her tenacity and drive quickly moved her up the ranks to an Administrative Specialist II. We were lucky enough to have Young sitting in our row because there wasn’t enough room in her initial team area. The PSERN Mascots noticed Young’s hard-working spirit and told the “powers that be” we need her on the PSERN team! As fate would have it, a spot opened up and Young joined us in 2016 as an Administrative Specialist III. Now once again she has proven she is a superstar and will be working with the PSERN Site Development Team in her new IT PM I role!

Time for myself and the other mascots to call it a day and go enjoy some sun! Have a wonderful weekend folks! See you next week!

-Firefighter Mic













The PSERN mascots cozy up with their favorite team member and friend Young Jang!