Snow? So What……

Hey there! It’s Mic and the gang. You have probably heard by now we have some more snow on the way! Welp not to fret because it takes a lot more than a little snow to stop the PSERN Project!

Construction crews can still do site work even in freezing temperatures. They have super-duper plows to move the snow out of the way so that work can continue. There are times however when work can slow down due to equipment not being able to get to the sites. Its really a case by case bases.

Now when it comes to the radio tower equipment, we have measures in place to protect the microwave antennas and shelters that house equipment. When it snows, or there is freezing temps icicles form or heavy snow accumulates on the equipment which can cause it to break. Therefore we put ice shields above the microwave antennas that sit on the towers and we often put ice bridges (shields) on the shelters and cable bridges.

Anyway folks, stay safe out there in this cold weather! We are packing up soon and heading home to begin the weekend!

Later guys and gals! – FF Mic