I’m Baaaaaaack! PSERN Project Update from Firefighter Mic and latest edition of PSERN News!

Hi Peeps! Its your favorite PSERN Mascot Firefighter Mic here! I know it has been quite some time since you heard from me! Myself along with Mascots Sparky, Officer Raquel Squelch and the PSERN team have been hard at work on the project.  As you know, we are currently in the process of negotiation leases, upgrading and building shelters to house equipment, building towers and much more! Speaking of equipment check out this pic of radio equipment being staged and tested in Elgin, Illinois. It will eventually be deployed to the various radio sites throughout King County!


In addition to preparing and building the radio sites, we have been working on plans for training for all of you that use the emergency radio system. We will use a “train the trainer” model which I think is pretty cool because your organization’s representative will be trained and then be able to customize training materials for you agency! To find out the breakdown of hours, sessions etc. and to learn more about what is happening with Dispatch Center preparedness, new employees and more click here to check out the latest edition of PSERN News

Welp time for me to get back to work! Until next time! – Mic