4 Radio Sites Substantially Finished!

Hi Peeps! Hope you are out and about enjoying the sunshine! We love weather like this because our construction crews are able to get a lot of work done at the radio sites (and Officer Squelch is in a better mood!)

I am happy to report that we now have 4 sites substantially completed in the project! You may think “only 4”? But this is a huge deal because as you can imagine on a project this large there are a lot of moving parts which means a lot of coordination. We have several partners and stakeholders that we work with on this project.

In addition we have several different contractors we work with at each of the radio sites that are all doing different work from electrical work and building shelters to house new equipment to building brand new towers and putting up microwave dishes (no not the kind in your kitchen). There are lawyers and dignitaries involved with leases and of course the PSERN staff! Coordination is key on this project to ensure everything runs smoothly. Now imagine coordinating with all of those people on each site. You can see why it may take some time. Our hard-working team wants to deliver only the best for our first responders and all users of the system so we are taking our time to do things right!

Anyhow I’m anxious to get out in the sunshine so I’m keeping this short! Sparky and Officer Squelch are already on their way to the beach! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe!

Until next time!

-Firefighter Mic

We found this cute little guy at Norway Hill! I think he wants to join the Mascot team next year! 😉

Pouring concrete at the Criminal Justice Training Center radio site last week.

Dirt, dirt and more dirt! (How most radio sites begin)