As Summer Approaches Construction Continues on the PSERN Project!

Hi Peeps! Mic here. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather! There is a lot happening on the PSERN project these days. New sites, new towers, new staff…….. So hard for a busy guy like me to keep up with! A mascot’s day is never done I tell ya!

Any-hoo Myself, Officer Squelch and Sparky have been on the road doing outreach activities. They are meeting with first responders and other users of the network to talk about what to expect with the new system. PSERN will have some pretty cool new features such as all new equipment at the radio sites, new radios (I’m really excited about that one), dispatch consoles and over the air programming just to name a few!

So far we have completed 4 radio sites and we are currently working on a couple more. Now you may think only 4? Well we can’t just pick any site we want and go for it. There is a lot that goes into the process, like negotiating leases which takes several reviews, edits and approvals, several different permits for each site and modifying plans if need be.

Then of course there are other elements when it comes to the radio sites such as starting from scratch on some. What does that mean? Some of the sites still have a lot of weeds, grass, trees, debris and no road! So our crews have to go in and clear everything out so that we can get trucks with equipment up to the site. Once everything is all clear then we can go in and start building! Speaking of which I better get going! The mascots and I are meeting PSERN project manager so that we can head out to a site. Then we have to get ready for an important joint board meeting tomorrow!

Until next time!

-Firefighter Mic

P.S. Check out some cool pics below!

Getting ready to head out to a site with PSERN Project Manager Carolyn Coleman.

Construction crews laying the foundation for the new tower at Norway Hill.


The new tower (crane) next to the old tower at Norway Hill. (If you look closely you will Sparky at the top. He’s quite the daredevil!)

The new shelter that will house new radio equipment at Norway Hill.