Tower Replacement Complete at Norway Hill!

Howdy Peeps! Mic the PSERN Mascot here! The team has been super busy with construction at various sites! A project this size has many moving parts so you can imagine it takes quite some time to get things done! The Mascots and I have been busy helping coordinate site activities. So far we have completed 3 radio sites-Federal Way, Crista and Top Hat. Now in case you are joining us late and wondering what exactly does it mean when we say we have “completed a site” let me break it down for you!

There is a ton of work that goes into completing a radio site and every site differs. Some sites we have to do electrical work, replace HVAC units or build a new shelter to house the radio equipment. On other sites like Norway Hill for example, we have to replace an entire tower! The current tower is quite old so it won’t be compatible with PSERN. So we replaced it with a brand new tower! The new tower will have the capacity and capability to work with the new radio system. (see some cool pics below) Construction crews worked into the night and finished building the tower in just one night!

Now that we talked about the cool factor we need to talk about what it takes to actually build a tower! First depending how many legs on the tower, 3-4 large holes have to be drilled into the ground as deep as 31 feet! Those holes are filled with cement and then the rest of the foundation is built. Needless to say this is probably the most important part because without a solid foundation the tower couldn’t stand. I have some pics of some foundation building action as well below for you!

Well duty calls! Today I’m hanging out with our government relations guru and his cool assistant to negotiate some more leases. In case I didn’t mention it before, leases are a huge part of doing site work! We need leases in order to do work at many of the radio sites. This process takes quite a bit of time! Lots of writing, reviewing, more writing, more reviewing……..

Enjoy the pics! I will be back soon to update you on new sites that we are working on!

-FF Mic

PSERN Construction Managers won’t let us go out to a site without the proper gear! Photo Credit: Karla Clark, PSERN Communications Manager

The old tower at the Norway Hill radio site. Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

Giant drill burrowing 31 feet into the ground to build the tower foundation. The tower will have 4 legs so the drill will need to drill 4 different giant holes! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

Getting the foundation ready! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

Over-sized truck delivers equipment to Norway hill on a snowy day! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

Stacking a tower is almost like legos! Piece by piece the tower is built. Check out the 4 brave guys way up near the top of the tower waiting to guide the pieces into place! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

It takes a large crane to lift each piece of the tower! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager

Tada! Tower finished! Way to go team! Photo Credit: John Wright, PSERN Construction Manager