PSERN Project’s First Tower Extension!

Hi Peeps! Hope this new year has started off with a bang for everyone! Lots of exciting things happening on the PSERN Project! We have finished 2 sites so far–Crista and Federal Way! Now for those two sites we mainly did electrical work which isn’t too exciting but today was the beginning of the really cool stuff! We actually did a tower extension at the King County Regional Communications and Emergency Coordination Center (RCECC)!

Now the RCECC is where emergency management happens. For example if there is a large-scale event such as a bad wind storm or earthquake, the RCECC is where central communications happens and where the King County Sheriff’s Office dispatch their deputies as well as many contract agencies. So as you can imagine making sure they have great coverage is imperative! Why did we need to extend the tower you may be wondering? Well in order for the microwave paths to be able to reach each other, we have to make sure the radio tower is tall enough to clear buildings, trees and terrain. Now the pictures make it look easy but keep in mind the top of tower came in pieces! Construction crews had to put it together, kind of like leggos! Once its was ready to go, a huge crane lifts it over to go on top of the existing tower. In some sites the snow gets really deep and the cranes can’t make it. That is when a helicopter has to be used to bring in the tower parts. The really scary part is that there are two guys on the tower (strapped in pretty tight) who have to bolt it in once the crane drops it in the right spot. Such brave souls! And voila! You have an extended tower!

Sparky wanted to write the blog today but he decided to climb the tower instead! That guy has no fear!

Enjoy the pics below. We will have several more in coming months. I believe I heard that Top Hat and Norway Hill will be coming up in the near future. I will keep you posted!

Until next time- Mic


RCECC-Tower Sections-Middle Top on Ground 121202

Example of a tower before its upright!


Live action! The top of the tower being added!


If you look closely you will see two brave guys inside the circle. They are there to bolt in the top of the tower when the crane lowers it. I think I see some blue hair blowing in the wind as well. Sparky?!


Shelter at Squak Mountain radio site where current electrical work is going on.