Long Before PSERN……….How Emergency Radio Systems Used to Be

Hey Peeps! FF Mic here! Officer Squelch and Sparky took off early because they heard bad weather was on the way. Pfft……nonsense. It’s just a little rain and possibly some snow in the next few days. Can be a little scary I guess but at least we know our radio towers are protected! Remember the ice shields I told you about in the past? This is the type of weather where they really come in handy.

We have been really busy working on radio sites. So far we have completed work on two of them–Crista and Federal Way and right now we are working on Top Hat and Squak Mountain. We are still doing HVAC and electrical work currently. However, the exciting stuff starts in the New Year! We will be doing tower extensions and building new towers at some of the sites! Now that will be cool stuff!

Amidst all the hard work we are doing, we still manage to have a little fun. Last week, the Mascots and I took some of the new PSERN team members next door to Seattle Fire. They had a chance to take a tour of the command center there where they take all of the 911 calls. We learned some interesting stuff like many of their dispatchers are former firefighters! We also learned about some of the equipment they used way back in the day when they didn’t have an emergency radio system like we do now. I had the pleasure of meeting some of my elders in the biz as well which was very cool. We had a lot of fun that day!

Before you head out for your weekend, take a look at the cool pics we took the other day at Seattle Fire.

Have a great weekend! – FF Mic


Here we are listening to stories of how fire response used to be.


This is the way 911 operators would send a message that there was a fire way back in the day!


These two were around back then too. It was nice to hear stories from the older generation of radios, 🙂


Check out the old school fire bell.
img_0691One of Seattle Fire’s hard working dispatchers in action!