One Site Down……51 more to go!

Hey Peeps! Fire Fighter Mic here! Hope you all are staying safe and dry in this stormy weather!

Its been a minute since you heard from me and the gang but trust me we have been super busy working on sites! What? Did you think a little rain would stop us? No way! Last week we finished work at the Federal Way radio site! We are now working on Crista. The unique thing about this project is that we aren’t just building or upgrading radio towers. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that we have a dynamic emergency radio system! I’m going to turn it over to our technical guru “Sparky” the IT Guy to talk about some of the other work we are doing at different radio sites.

Thanks, Mic! Okay so there are a lot of things that PSERN needs to have at a site to ensure communications don’t fail.  First, we need to have stable power. If the commercial power goes out, we have a generator to back it up.  If there is a generator failure, we have large batteries to back it up.  Air Conditioning is another big deal for us.  The new PSERN equipment will generate a lot of heat.  PSERN typically has 1 online Air Conditioner and 1 in standby.  While lightning is pretty cool to watch, it’s not a techs best friend.  PSERN’s upgrades are also examining the grounding for the buildings, towers, electrical systems, and radio equipment.  I recently participated in a Structural Analysis for a tower.  Our towers are designed to meet the most stringent engineering standards.  Some of the towers in the project will have height added to them.  Some will require additional cross bracing, and some will even be replaced. All of these upgrades are done to help our First Responders help you!

Thanks, Sparky! The mascots and the PSERN team are very excited and proud of the work done so far! We will continue to keep you updated as we go. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @radiomatters and check out our YouTube channel!

Stay safe and warm!



These are some of the conditions construction crews faced working on the Federal Way radio site!



Check out all the equipment it takes to run the system!


Have to have a generator!


MasTec construction guys hard at work!


PSERN Construction Manager John Wright (left) talks plans with the MasTec construction crew.


PSERN Staff meeting with King County Radio Shop staff and the contractor for acceptance review of the Federal Way site.


The radio tower at the Crista site on a beautiful day!