PSERN Project Construction Begins at Federal Way

Howdy peeps! Its Mic here along with my friends Officer Raquel Squelch and Sparky the IT guy! In case you haven’t heard the news construction has begun on the PSERN  Project. Woot woo—! Sorry about that! Got a little carried away. As you can imagine we are all pretty excited around here!

Anyway, the first site we are working on is Federal Way.  Yesterday construction crews loaded up and headed out to start work at the site.This work takes place mainly inside the shelter……oh hold on this is Sparky want us to take this part…. Hey uh Sparky here. So you see there is a lot of electrical type work to be done you see,  Lots of wires, drills, plaster, spark flying everywhere and other stuff! It’s pretty cool to watch! In fact if you break it down even further, and look at the hypothesis of each…….Hold on Hold on!

Sorry for the interruption but when Sparky gets on his hypothesis roll there is no stopping him! Officer Squelch speaking now. Something I think is even cooler than the electrical stuff is the ice bridge we watched them build. No not a bridge made from ice as you may think. This bridge is built to support the antenna cable from the shelter to the tower. So all those cables that have to run up the tower during snowy and icy weather? This bridge protects them! Awesome to watch them put it together! And these guys work fast! Well I guess they have to with fall in the air now! Mic! I’m done!

Thanks, Raquel. Alrighty peeps as you can guess its been a busy week and we are all tired and a little loopy on today. Time for us to get ready for the weekend because next week will be another busy one! More to come!

ttyl! (oh social media speak for talk to you later!)



Myself along with Sparky and Officer Squelch trying to figure out how to make the construction vest fit!


Pic from the first minute construction crews hit the site!