Sparky Speaks! Blog Takevover


Now that I’ve settled into the Project, I feel its time for you to get to know a little more about me. Shhh….FF Mike doesn’t know I am using his blog!

Anyway, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself scratching your head at some of the “geek speak” you are about to witness. It will eventually make sense but this blog is really for all my uber techy friends out there. (smile)

Okay so basically, the overall System Vendor is Motorola Solutions Inc., who will also supply equipment from Aviat Networks and Nokia.  Let’s see….there is so much to talk about…… Land Mobile Radio (LMR system), Dispatch Equipment, End User devices and the Microwave Backhaul. But I think I want to talk about the LMR system today!

So here’s the deal. We are purchasing a MSI 7.20 Dynamic System Resilience (DSR) equipped ASTRO25 core with 7 Simulcast subsystems, and 3 Multicast subsystems.  The system will be a Project 25 Phase I & II 800 MHz voice system with the Integrated Voice and Data option.  This option will allow our users to leverage newer features like Over The Air Programming (OTAP), Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR) and Outdoor Location.  We’re building in lots of redundancy as well.  The ASTRO25 Core will be fully geo redundant as well as each of the simulcast prime sites being geo redundant.  We’re adding capacity as well.  The metropolitan areas of the county will see an increase of capacity to 30 talkpath while the more rural areas will see their capacity increased to 10 talkpath. We’re also improving the coverage.

In the metropolitan areas, the design criteria is for 97% Covered Area Reliability with a portable radio worn on the hip using a 14.3 dB attenuation factor at street level.  In the more rural areas of the county it will be 95%. What does all this mean? It means more Coverage Capacity Capability and Connectivity! Which means new and improved emergency radio system overall! As you can see I get really excited about this project and I hope you are too. Yikes I hear FF Mike coming down the hall! Can’t let him catch me on the blog! He thinks I’m still a newbie But I think I did a pretty good job. Don’t you?

I will be sharing more as time allows. Gotta jet!