PSERN Mascots Spread the News All the Way to Miami and Site Construction Begins Soon!

Hey Peeps! Happy Monday! Mic here. As much as I have enjoyed the hot weather I’m glad it’s a lot cooler today. Especially since myself, Officer Squelch and Sparky the IT guy just returned from Miami where it is always scorching. We had the pleasure of accompanying our esteemed PSERN IT Lead Sean Douglas to the annual Motorola Trunked Users Group (MTUG) Conference. Sean did a great job as the moderator for the panel of engineers—watch out Oprah! When we weren’t hanging out at the beach on our breaks we were attending informative sessions on radio and new technology throughout the day. We even had a chance to go visit friends and family in Plantation, Florida right next door.


Here Sean is (far right) asking the tough questions to the panel! 


Here I am with Officer Squelch and Sparky proudly wearing Sean’s MTUG gear. 

I understand a lot happened here on the PSERN Project while we were gone! We delivered the first 4 site development plans to General Contractor #1 MasTec. They will review the plans and give us an estimate on costs. I am so excited because this means that we are one step closer to actual construction! Woo hooo!


PSERN Construction Manager extraordinaire John Wright proudly displays the first set of site development plans headed to MasTec!

Well the Mascots and I are still a bit jet lagged so we are leaving the office a little early today to catch up on rest. Lots of work to do!

Later peeps!