PSERN Welcomes Sparky the IT Guy

Hi Peeps! Mic here!  I know its been a while but as you can imagine we are extremely busy working on the project! Officer Squelch and I have been helping the team review Motorola Deliverables (so many to review!), working on Invitations to Bid for potential contractors and working on Outreach strategies with our Communications Manager. In addition, we hired a new team member Sparky the IT Guy! He comes to us with a wealth of experience and has fit right into the team. Check out his bio below:

Meet Sparky, IT Technical Guy

PSERN welcomes a new addition to the mascot team, Sparky! Sparky joined us last month and has been working hard ever since learning the project and giving Sean Douglas our IT Lead a run for his money! (Don’t tell Sean I said that!)
Sparky found out about the PSERN project through his network of tech friends and couldn’t wait to sign up. He says that he is honored to be part of a team who is building something that will serve our community and make the jobs of our first responders better.  He has worked on various IT projects throughout his career but PSERN is the largest one to date. Sparky’s credentials include Mobilty+ and Network+ from TIA and is a member of APCO, MTUG, NENA and CTIA.
While not at work, Sparky enjoys running his own home network that supports his XBOX, PS4, Sega, Wii and Minecraft activities. He also enjoys watching shows like The Big Bang Theory, The IT Crowd and anything by Bill Nye the Science Guy. When he isn’t glued to the television eating his hot pockets, Funyuns, Doritos, Mountain Dew, pizza and sushi (long list) he can be found LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) or at the Emerald City Comic Con Convention.
When people ask why he has such a terrified look on his face all the time he says “He’s always focused and ready for the next big IT challenge!” Surprisingly Sparky is single. (Raising my eyebrow…. lol)

Well still lots of deliverables to review so I need to get back to work but you will hear from me again soon!

Take care- Mic

Additional Pics of Sparky:


Sparky hanging out with KCIT Chief Information Officer Bill Kehoe!


the trio

We found out he LOVES chocolates!



A real ladies man at times! Here Sparky is bragging about his credentials to our KCIT intern Jang!



Here the three of are playing Pokemon Go! (On our break of course. Not during work hours eh hem)