PSERN Used by More Than Just First Responders

Hey Peeps! Happy Friday!  It’s me Firefighter Mic again. Officer Squelch and I have been busy with strategic planning for our outreach efforts.

Here is a tidbit for you. Many of you may not realize that the emergency radio system is used by more than just first responders like Police, Fire and EMS. It is also used by other government entities such as schools, public works and even hospitals! When you have an emergency and first responders need to transport you to the hospital, they stay in constant communication with the hospital on the way. It is important that the hospital knows what is going on ahead of time so they can be prepared to treat you when you arrive. The emergency radio system enables first responders to keep doctors at the hospital in the loop on your condition while en route.

In the event of a natural disaster or a large-scale event, Harborview Medical Center is the Control Hospital for the Region. This means they direct which victims need to go to which hospital based on their injuries as well as monitor hospital resources. PSERN would play a vital role in the communications if this were to happen.

Stay safe out there this weekend!

Talk soon- FF Mic

IMG_0414Here are Officer Squelch and I getting ready for a ride in Medic One.


And here are some new Seattle Fire recruits going through a Medic One rescue drill.