It’s That Time of Year! PSERN Mascots Learn About Search and Rescue

Hey Peeps!!! I know it has been a hot minute since you hear from me. Well there is a good reason!

Officer Raquel and I have been out on the road talking to various first responders about PSERN. At the same time, we get a chance to learn about how search and rescue missions are done! This time of year, is a busy time for Search and Rescue teams. With the awesome weather many people go hiking and backpacking in the mountains and get lost so the King County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team is often flying high in Guardian 1 and 2 to find them. In the city, its high construction time and the Seattle Fire Heavy Rescue team is busy saving workers from trenches in the ground and even building collapses!

On our first journey we took a long drive up to Bandera Air Field! This is where the King County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team practices! These guys are amazing to watch in action! Officer Raquel and I had a blast talking with Deputy Hersh Hoaglan who was kind enough to invite us out. He and his crew said they follow our Twitter page which was really cool. I have to admit I’m a little afraid of heights so Officer Squelch had to do some coaxing but we ended up taking a ride in Guardian 1!

Later in the week we went to check out Seattle Fire Heavy Rescue team practicing for those deep trench rescues. These are tight spaces that construction workers sometimes get caught in! You will see in one of the pics I even had to help Officer Squelch up from all the dirt! As a bonus a team of new recruits were practicing as well that day! They made scaling down the side of a building look so easy. But it’s really hard work! Thanks to Captain Chris Lombard for escorting us throughout the premises and explaining what they were doing. He even let me in the driver’s seat of his truck!

All the search and rescue teams are amazing folks and we appreciate the hard work and practice they put in to save lives!

Ok enough talk. The visuals are way cooler! Check them out below and have a great weekend!


IMG_0467 IMG_0457 IMG_0448

IMG_0479 IMG_0488 IMG_0502 IMG_0504 IMG_0514 IMG_0494 IMG_0508