Loads of Fun at the 18th Annual Communications Academy

Hey Peeps! Hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this weekend! Officer Raquel and I managed to get out of the office and attend the 18th Annual Communications Academy at South Seattle College. We had a great time meeting subject matter experts from the radio communications and emergency management fields.

Thanks our friend John Slomnicki, Officer Squelch and I met a lot of folks at the academy and had a chance spread the news about the PSERN project to over 300 people! We handed out flyers and chatted quit a bit. Officer Squelch really enjoyed listening to the presentations from important people like the FEMA Region X, Regional Administrator Kenneth Murphy. And my favorite part of the day was checking out all the cool emergency vehicles….well and lunch…..hmmm roasted corn, turkey, mashed potat….sorry! Got a little distracted there.

Back to business! Officer Raquel and I had a chance to see all the radio equipment in some of the vehicles and talk to first responders about how important the PSERN project is. Be sure to check out some of the cool pics we took below!

Talk soon! -Mic


Myself, Officer Raquel and our friend and PSERN supporter John Slomnicki!


Here we are getting ready to head to the Communications Academy in John’s cool ride! (Officer Squelch wouldn’t let me drive)


Here we are with our new friend the APCO bear “Blue”. Some unnamed radio to the right of me tried to photo bomb us!


Look who we ran into! One of our former Task Force team members, Khris LaPlante! So great to see him!


The folks at Bellevue Police and Fire let us take the wheel of their RV!