Let’s Talk Design

Hi Peeps! Sorry I realize it has been a little while since you have heard from me. The team has been busy taking advantage of this beautiful weather!

I’ve talked before about how weather can impact heading out to sites so when we have a break in it we have to take full advantage of the sunshine.  Crews are busy at some of the sites doing geo-tech work. This is where they test the soil on the ground to make sure it is okay to pour concrete and build a tower on. This is super important because towers can weigh thousands of pounds.

In other news, I hear the General Contractor Bidders (GC) have been out on site tours and learning more about the project and we hope to have a GC named soon.  We do have a Shelter Manufacturer now— Thermo Bond Buildings. They will be responsible for building the shelters that the emergency radio network equipment will be kept in. They are already busy working with the PSERN project team making plans. Once they start building the shelters, we can give you a sneak peek at what they will look like!

Today, Officer Squelch and I sat in on a PSERN detailed design review meeting. This is where the PSERN team and the system vendor Motorola get together to review design drawings, status of radio sites and all the details about how the new network will work. As you can imagine those meetings can be very long!  So at one point, Officer Raquel and I decided to take over and lead the meetings so our favorite project manager Hai Phung could take a little break! I think Officer Squelch enjoyed the attention!

I will have more updates next week but right now I have to go catch my ride. I hear Officer Squelch and friends are heading out to enjoy the sunshine in her brand new convertible!

Have a great weekend!

-FF Mic


Project Manager Hai was kind enough to let us speak at the Design Review meeting today!


PSERN team members and Motorola team talk towers!


Officer Raquel and I studying how to use a chainsaw! Sometimes its a necessity in the mountainous areas!