ITB’s, GC’s and More

Hey peeps! Firefighter Mic here. Happy Friday!

As you can imagine, the team and I have been super busy and there is a lot of great stuff happening on the PSERN Project!

In case you didn’t know, we have two procurements going on! This is where a project puts out an announcement that they are looking for companies to help them with various parts of the project. For example, each radio site needs somewhere to put the equipment for the radio system. So we put out an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for a Shelter Manufacturers who might be interested in building the shelters at the radio sites that will house the equipment.

In addition we put out an ITB for a General Contractor (GC) as well. The pic on the front page with all the people is from the GC pre-bid meeting yesterday. Lots of companies showed up! Now the GC has a really big job! They will be responsible for construction of facilities and construction coordination for the first set of radio sites. Both of these are a big deal for the PSERN Project and there will be a lot more work coming up that will require more procurements so stay tuned! You might have an opportunity to work on this very cool project!

Gotta go! The construction managers on our team and I are heading out to a site where we will have to snow shoe through. Officer Squelch is going to stay behind to help our Technical Lead continue reviewing Motorola deliverables. Between you and me I don’t think she likes being in the cold!

Have a great weekend!

-FF Mic

mic_raquel_itb_genHere I am with Officer Squelch chatting while waiting for the General Contractor pre-bid meeting to begin.