Site Visit Preparedness


Hey there! It’s Firefighter Mic again. Officer Squelch and I have been busy collecting safety supplies to keep in our vehicles for the PSERN team.

You may think it is a simple as driving to a radio site and starting work. If only it were that simple! Thing is we never know what we might run into up in the mountains or in rugged terrain so we had to go out to find various items for our PSERN vehicles.


Officer Squelch is crossing T’s and dotting I’s making sure everything is accounted for in our car emergency kits!

When team members visit a site there could be fallen trees or bushes that are blocking the road. This means a chainsaw might be in order. But safety first!  The team went through chainsaw training so that they can use one if the need arises. Some sites are way far out so we made sure to also include a gas can for those fuel emergencies!

Other items necessary to always keep on hand are first aid kits, headphones (can get noisy sometimes with construction), eye wear, hard hat, vest, shovel, other basic tools and of course water.

So next we head to a radio site, the team will be prepared for anything!


We all know firefighters use chainsaws for emergencies alot! So of course I did the inspection on this one. 

Stay safe and talk soon!-Mic