Coming to a Dispatch Center Near You!

Happy Monday Peeps! Mic here! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

When we talk about the PSERN project people first tend to think about radio towers or radios that first responders use in their cars or carry around. However, even more important, when you call 911 a dispatcher answers the phone and sends police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical staff to an emergency using a radio communications system. The dispatcher also has a console that they use to input information and communicate to tell first responders where to go, send information and updates on the situation and to monitor where first responders are for their safety as well. Raquel_dispatch_capitalLast week, my partner Officer Squelch tested some of the new equipment for the new MCC 7500 dispatch consoles (yes that’s me lurking in the corner there). 

Over the next few weeks you may see myself, Officer Squelch and PSERN staff in your office! We will be visiting dispatch centers to look at dispatch console configurations for the new system. Existing dispatch console equipment will be replaced with new state of the art equipment that will have the latest features that come with a Project 25 Standard Phase II radio network.

Mic and MannyHere I am with one of my favorite dispatchers at the Sheriff’s office Manny. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!