Kicking the New Year Off Right!

Happy New Year friends! I’m back, well rested and ready for an exciting and busy 2016! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is where I will keep you updated on project happenings! Mic_on_white

PSERN Mascot Mic posing for a photo.

We started off the new year welcoming several new team members to the PSERN project. As part of my mascot duties I am showing them the ropes this week! Please help me welcome Dijana Steward, Project Manager I, Dave Curtiss, Project Manager II, Bob Gruhn, Construction Manager and Bill Caughlin, Master Scheduler.

In addition to new team members I also have a new mascot partner to help me spread the word about PSERN–Officer Raquel Squelch!  Like myself, she is a transplant from Plantation, Florida. Right now she is taking a little more time off in order to get her yearly facelift–I mean software upgrade as (we radios do). But she will be back soon and I can’t wait for the many adventures to come!  Raquel_Squelch

Officer Squelch is ready for action!

Right now the project team is busy reviewing deliverables from the system vendor Motorola Solutions Inc. and continuing work on the construction schedule.  In addition, I’m participating in meetings with the PSERN Taskforce to choose features for the new radios that first responders will use with the new network! We also talk about cool stuff like how first responders will be trained for the new network using a train the trainer approach and how users of the network will participate in testing.

All of you “techie” types stay tuned because there is a lot of “geek speak” to come this year! Meaning the fire fighter hat will come off and my pocket protector will replace it from time to time!

Talk soon! -Mic