Hi I’m Mic! Welcome to My New Blog!

mic_jbWow. I’ve only been on the PSERN team for a couple months and I already have my very own blog!

As PSERN’s new mascot, this is exciting because I will have an opportunity to share my adventures with you as I travel to sites, do outreach, attend important meetings…this will be the place to keep get the inside scoop on project happenings.

Now that you know what my blog is about let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Last year, I was looking to make a big move in my career and also a change of scenery. So I packed up my belongings and moved from Plantation, Florida to Seattle. I knew I wanted to do something in public service but wasn’t sure what exactly. A friend told me about this cool project where they are building a brand new Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN) for King County. I learned there was an open position with PSERN as a mascot so I applied and here I am!

This project is moving fast and furious so I have been busy from the time I started. One of my first tasks was to meet with the PSERN Task Force which is made up of cross section of network users and subject matter experts including first responders, public works, schools and hospitals. In the New Year, I will be helping with outreach efforts to continue spreading the word about PSERN to users.

I am excited and honored to have such an important role with a monumental project. In addition to my blog, be sure to follow PSERN on Twitter @radiomatters and check our videos out on our YouTube Channel.

Just like many of you I am getting ready to take some time off for the Holidays so I will be back in January with lots to share! In the meantime, here are some pics I took since I started I think you will enjoy.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

MicMic and Manny


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