PSERN Team Expands!

PSERN welcomes two new team members!



Tracey Doss, IT Project Administrator

A native of Montana, Tracey Doss has been living in Seattle since 1997. She has been with King County for 3 years now where she worked on the Lync team and as a Business Analyst. She recently joined the PSERN team as an IT Administrator. Prior to coming to the County, Tracey worked for a private insurance company for 10 years. She loves coffee and admits she has an issue about the Seattle weather! In her spare time Tracey likes running, weight training and baking (One of these things is not like the other she states). Tracey and her husband enjoy traveling and have done some pretty interesting things such as run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain!


“Mic”, PSERN Project Mascot

Formerly a resident of Plantation, Florida Mic made his way to the Northwest last year.   After visiting Seattle on a business trip he made a lot of friends and began to miss them when he went back home. Mic packed up his things and moved out here where he landed his first gig for an unnamed toilet plunger company as a spokesperson. When he realized he didn’t like the direction the company was going he started looking for something more meaningful. A friend told him about the open position with PSERN and he wowed the panel with his enthusiasm and charisma. In his spare time, Mic likes bowling, hiking and traveling to see extended family in Schaumburg, Illinois.


The PSERN Project team! From left to right: Marlin Blizinsky, David Mendel, Tracey Doss, “Mic” (top), Sean Douglas, Hai Phung, Rob Anslow and Karla Clark.