PSERN Joint Board Official


A view beneath the tower at Squak Mountain. This tower sits on top of a 2.000 foot mountain!

It’s official! The PSERN Joint Board is in effect.

Representatives from the City of Seattle (Seattle), the Eastside Public Safety Agency (EPSCA), King County (County), and the Valley Communications Center (ValleyCom), have been meeting informally as a Steering Committee since August 2012, to plan the next public safety wireless radio system for the geographic area of King County (the Area). Later representatives from the Police and Fire communities joined the Steering Committee as well.

The PSERN Joint Board (Board) will consist of representatives from all four partner organizations and is responsible for overseeing the implementation phase of the PSERN Project and now replaces the informal Steering Committee. The Board may also appoint a chief of a police agency and a chief of a fire agency to serve as non-voting participants on the Joint Board, provided they are from agencies within King County.

Regular Board meetings will be held the fourth Tuesday of each month.